MWT STD Series

MWT Series

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MWT Serise :

Size : 7"~23.8"

COF/COB , 1.1/1.8/6mm STD Cover Lens

 MWT Design:
        EMI Protect FPC 

MWT STD use double side EMI protect for industrial Rugged environment.

        No Etching Marks


Use index match ITO glass to avoid the etching marks happen .


    STD Cover lens 
for 1.1/ 1.8/ 3/ 6 mm

Consider different environment and application ,MWT STD has servial Thickness cover lens(black printing) and W/O NRE chargne .

   At least 5 years long term support

Long-term avaliability due to in-house developed and produced , also Consider of  Industrial application , MWT provide at least 5 years long term support (base on 1K/Y) .